RV Extended Warranty. Month to Month Coverage and Payments.

RV Service Protection Made Simple. Real Simple.

No matter where you’re off to, we have coverage for every fork in the road. And, each one is affordable,
customizable, and backed by certified mechanics ready to meet you wherever you are. Choose
your plan, set your payments, and hit the road.

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  • Affordable Monthly Payments*
  • On-Site Repairs**
  • Backed by an “A” Rated Insurance Company
  • No Large Upfront Commitment
  • Start/Stop Cancel Anytime***

* monthly fee remains the same for as long as your contract is active, fee may change if you stop paying or cancel your contract
** when repairs are possible on-site, we will complete them at your location of choice, including campgrounds, RV parks, etc.
*** stop and start at your convenience but your price may change each time you restart, and you will have to pay the start-up fee

Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered.

Total Coverage for Motorized RVs

Starting at $47.00 per month

Class A, B, or C RV coverage that includes coverage for components throughout the entire RV.

Includes 24/7 Technical and
Roadside Assistance


Coach Only Coverage for Motorized RVs

Starting at $32.00 per month

Motorized RVs only needing Coach/House coverage

Includes 24/7 Technical and
Roadside Assistance


Coverage for Non-Motorized RVs

Starting at $31.00 per month

Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Truck Campers, Pop-Ups, and Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Includes 24/7 Technical and
Roadside Assistance


What Our Customers Say

Josh G

It was very easy to get coverage from RV Service Shield. The support team was very friendly and helpful.

Tony B

I had this policy when I had my Layton Camper they were very reliable and dependable......I wouldn't have a camper without having a policy...thanks guys

Abbas R

They answer my call or chat every time and I'm excited to have repairmen come to my location

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